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Technical Information

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We’ve listed some of our specifications here, but if you are a new client, need advanced information, or have further technical questions, let us know – that’s why we’re here.

Design Data Tolerances


Critical dimensions may require additional operations and are influenced by alloy and casting configurations.

Common specs that are chosen by our customers are the following, but not limited to: AMS 2175, AMS 6875, MIL A 21180, MIL C 6021, ASTM A148, ASTM A743, ASTM A276, and custom made by the customer.


Angles/Draft ± 1/2°


Angles/Draft ± 1/2°

Flatness & Straightness .003 to .005 TIR/Linear inch

Draft Angles Generally none are required – however shapes with thin sections may require injection systems incorporated into the mold.

Finish Surface 125 RMS or better

Fillet & Edge Radii - .010″ or greater. 3/64″ is typical

Equipment List

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